Get The Latest Generation Apple TV And Enjoy Spectacular Features

Are you crazy about the products of Apple? If yes then you will surely love the latest generation Apple TV. Yes this new generation TV has changed the definition of video streaming. There are amazing features available in this device that will not only amaze you but will make your video streaming amazing and interesting. This device is the new generation of video streaming which has not only made video streaming exquisite but has also made the process simple and easy. This device has some of the greatest features which give all the opportunity and ease to the users.

Check The Features

Some of the interesting features of Apple TV are discussed further. You can take a quick glance at it.

  • Any Remote: One of the amazing features of this device is that it gives you the opportunity to operate it with any remote. In case you have lost the Apple TV remote then you can simply go to the general settings and then go to general, remote and learn remote. There you can choose and select another device and then start. There you will get the options from where you can select the remote option with which you want to operate.
  • Siri At Service: The new Apple TV comes with Siri technology which helps you to answer all the questions. You can talk to her and ask any questions related to the device and Channels. You will get instant solution and answers. This is very interesting feature which makes the experience of streaming video easy.
  • Organize: The latest Apple TV device gives you the feature to keep the app organized in the folders. You can also highlight the app that you want to keep separated. The process is very easy and simple. You can easily keep it in the folder so that you can easily use them without facing much hassle. This is a great feature too.

  • Screen Saver: If you are keeping the Apple device idle then you can set a beautiful screen saver of your choice so that it will appear whenever it is left idle and quiet. You can also select the picture of your choice and set it. You can do this by going to the settings and then by selecting screen saver option. You may also download new screen savers such as videos and pictures directly through it.
  • Games:If you want to take a break then you can easily go for the games that are available in the Apple store. You can select the game of your choice and enjoy the lovely ambience and experience.
  • Touch Sensitivity: If the touch sensitivity is too much in the device then you can easily control it by going to the control settings. You should not make it too sensitive.

These are some of the spectacular features of the Apple TV device that will give you the best experience. So go ahead and get this device now.

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